Michaelmas Speakers Dinner- 18th Nov

On Friday the 18th November, The Ospreys were happy to welcome our guest speaker: Lisa O’Keefe, Insight Director at Sport England and the brains behind the This Girl Can campaign which has inspired millions of girls to get active.

To start the lovely three course meal which took place in Jesus College upper hall, there was a chance to mingle and meet each other at the champagne reception. The This Girl Can campaign posters had been set up around the room as decoration and to provide conversation starters.

The meal was exquisite, and after the starter and main, Lisa got up to do her speech… It was incredible. It left us all inspired, lost for words and with a new-found pride to be a part of the community that is #WomenInSport. We, as The Ospreys are role models for women in sport. Everywhere.

A few things that Lisa mentioned when it comes to the barriers that women face in taking part in sport. They are worth noting and taking away from the evening.

” Judgement manifests itself in three ways:

  1. Ability -> learn to BACK YOURSELF
  2. Appearance -> get over the fact that you will be sweaty and unattractive at points when doing sport, it doesn’t matter, everyone is in the same boat
  3. Find the time and prioritise YOURSELF -> Life gets in the way. Find time for YOU, and the time to keep active. “

The Ospreys would like to say a massive thank you to Lisa for speaking, and look forward to keeping in touch and strengthening the campaign which has done so much for women in sport already.


The Ospreys Committee with guest speaker Lisa O’Keefe. A big thank you to Rashmi for making this possible

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