The Ospreys’ AGM 2017

Wednesday the 10th of May saw the return of the annual general meeting, where Osprey of the Year and Team of the Year awards are presented, as well as hustings for the junior exec committee. This year was unlike any other with the idea of sharing the clubhouse with the Hawks being proposed for general discussion.

Hawks’ President Jamie Giddins was present for questioning and to emphasise how he and the entire committee entirely support this proposal and it is a very exciting prospect moving in the correct direction of equality and a shared front for sport in Cambridge. There was a unanimous vote amongst present Ospreys for the proposal, and it will be put towards an email vote in the near future.

The hustings this year were very competitive and there were a lot of strong candidates, results will be released shortly, and be updated on this article. Below is a list of the candidates going for junior exec roles:

Claudia Feng; Swimming & Waterpolo; Third Year Mathematician at Trinity
Emily Coales; Lacrosse; Third Year Engineer at Trinity Hall
Lizzie Withers; Lacrosse; Third Year Engineer at Trinity
Vice President:
Georgina Shepherd; Tennis; Fourth Year Medic at Emmanuel
Emmaline Okafor; Athletics; Second Year Chemical Engineer at Newnham
Claudia Feng; Swimming & Waterpolo; Third Year Mathematician at Trinity
Emily Coales; Lacrosse; Third Year Engineer at Trinity Hall
Blythe Burkhart; Lacrosse, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Polo, Skiing; First Year MML at Homerton
Finally, the results of the two awards that occur each year:
The Osprey of the Year Award, this award is chosen by the senior committee and takes into account three aspects: Sporting Excellence; Raising the profile of Women in Sport; Being involved in encouraging girls to join / supporting their club. This year, we are delighted to announce the winner to be Kirsty Davies from the Dancesport Team. Congratulations Kirsty!
Kirsty with Senior Committee Chairperson Mary Blackman

The second award is the Goldman Sach’s Team of the Year, which is a generous bursary recognising an excellent season, but also teams that have financial need:

“Goldman Sachs is delighted to be sponsoring the Ospreys again this year. This funding is available for a team/club who have surpassed expectations and progressed further in BUCS or other relevant competitions than anticipated and have a specific financial need. Whether you are a club of 100+ people or only a few of you, outstanding achievement deserves to be recognised”

The junior committee shortlisted two teams which was then passed onto Goldman Sach’s who made final decision to award team of the year to the Netball Club! Congratulations girls on a fantastic season, and good luck for the next year in your newly promoted league in BUCS. Below is Hayley Smith, Women’s Captain being presented with a bottle of Champagne by Junior President Freddie Hampel.

Hayley Smith, Captain of Ladies Netball: The Goldman Sach’s Team of the Year 2017

Thanks for attending, and see you all at summer drinks!

The Junior Committee x


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